Tic Tac Toe

Choose 3 activities in a row (across, down, or diagonally) to show what you have learned about Food Chains, Food Webs and Ecosystems.




1. Diorama or Mobile

Using a shoebox create an authentic food chain which clearly shows a 4-part food chain OR create a mobile out of a coat hanger showing an animal in a 5-part food chain.

4. Help Wanted Ad

Choose a career related to the environment. (Examples: marine biologist, ornithologist, entomologist, botanist, conservation officer) and research what they do. Write a Help Wanted advertisement for the job. Include the education needed and a job description.

7. Song/Rap/Poem

Using a combination of vocabulary words create a song/rap/poem about food chains. With the help of the Library staff, make an audio or video recording of your work.

2. Poster

How do humans affect the environment? Choose one way in which people have harmed the environment. Create a poster to show how plants and animals are affected by human's actions. Persuade people to change their habits and activities.

5. Children’s Book

Read the story I Know an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly . Recreate your own version of the story using animals of your choice. Show the food chain relationship of the animals in your story. Include the sun, plant life and at least four animals.

8. Clay food chain

Using clay create a 5-part food chain complete with labels of animal names & what they are (producer, consumer, decomposer, herbivore, omnivore, carnivore).

3. Brochure

Choose an animal (shark, bear, lion, etc.) and create a fact brochure about it. Include its habitat and a food chain that it is part of. Add at least 2 pictures. Describe what would happen to the animal if a part of its food chain would disappear.     

6. Crossword Puzzle

Using graph paper create a crossword puzzle with the vocabulary given in class. You may also use the link below to create and print your crossword. 
Crossword Puzzle Maker

9. Coral Reef Activity
Click on the link and complete the Web of Life Challenge.

Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper or a blog entry describing the types of pollution found in our ocean waters today, where it comes from, its effects, and what can be done about it.

Write a cumulative story that shows a food chain from a specific habitat. Read Here is a Coral Reef or Here is the Wetland as an example.



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